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Kate Ellis at Sheffield Hypnotherapy Works providing hypnotherapy for weight management and mental health issues as well as fertility, pregnancy and childbirth. 

Hypnotherapy is natural and powerful; it will change how you think and feel in a positive way.

I was introduced to hypnotherapy when I became pregnant with my first child. I was working as a midwife at the time and was introduced to a GP who taught self-hypnosis for childbirth. Three natural births later with no need for analgesia of any sort and I was hooked.

I always consider hypnotherapy when I need help with anything – physically, mentally, or emotionally. In addition to childbirth I have also successfully used it for pain relief during dental work and following a bereavement when I suffered with anxiety and panic attacks.

In the last few years, I have been horrified to notice the increase in mental health problems, with several of my friends and family members suffering.

I decided to research the use of hypnotherapy as a treatment for anxiety and depression more fully. I found the positive results encouraging and decided to take my interest further and train as a hypnotherapist.

I now focus on mental health issues and weight management as well as childbirth. By specialising I can concentrate my study in these areas, so my practice is research based and regularly updated.

My Services

My sessions are tailored to your requirements ensuring a fully personalised therapy plan.


Whatever your ideal birth experience Sheffield Hypnotherapy Works can help you to achieve it!


Relaxation and hypnotherapy techniques to help you cope with the challenges that pregnancy can sometimes bring.


Stress, Anxiety & Phobias

Learn easy, powerful, effective techniques to give you confidence and control in any tense situation.

Self Esteem & Confidence

Sheffield Hypnotherapy Works will teach you how to be calmer, more confident and kinder to yourself.


Feeling down? Waking up exhausted? Lost interest in your usual pleasures? See how I can help.

Weight Management

Change your habits, behaviour and relationship with food to gain the shape you want to be.

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“Kate is lovely and the fact she used to be a midwife and used these techniques with her daughter is great.”

Claire T – Sheffield

“We approached our baby’s birth in a much more relaxed manner than we would have been able to achieve without Kate’s input, and were able to have a calm and natural birth.”

Rob J – Sheffield

“I attended Kate’s classes from around 20 weeks, each week was a useful and insightful topic. We had a general chat followed by a relaxation session.”

Kate S – Sheffield

“My way of thinking has changed and I am a more relaxed, confident and a lot more positive person.”

Karen C – Sheffield

“I now have new habits and I am hopeful of a sustained healthier relationship with food. Thank you Kate”.

Paul J – Barnsley

“Kate was able to put my mind at ease and teach me relaxation techniques that became part of my daily routine.”

Emily V – Sheffield